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Yoga Challenge

Gain amazing strength and remarkable flexibility with yoga! This challenge welcomes and is designed for ALL LEVELS (beginners, intermediate and advanced)

Soulful YogaFlow with Yogic Alpa

Soulful YogaFlow with Yogic Alpa

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Sunday 09 Aug 2020

Location: Eco Yoga Sanctuary

With popular demand at Eco Yoga Sanctuary, we are back with our exciting  30 day Yoga Challenge(9th Season).

The Soulful Yoga flow 30 Day challenge, aims to bring out harmony in between one’s soul, mind, body, consciousness, and health. 

Every moment is linked with your breathing in order to achieve heightened consciousness.

During this  process one will discover:

1. Deep layers of resistance, hidden emotions, and a pathway to deal with it.
2. A new sense of realizations 
3. Common grounds  to accept & surrender to situations and people
4. A natural by-product is cleaner and mindful eating habits and the resultant weight loss
5. Broadening one’s horizon and perspective in life a nutshell,  how to live life wonderfully!!

In these 30 days, you will definitely experience & witness a transformation akin only to being reborn again and guide you on a path to live your life to its fullest potential.

Everyone is welcome!!

Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Fees: AED 1200
Teacher: Yogic Alpa

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