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Yoga Challenge

Gain amazing strength and remarkable flexibility with yoga! This challenge welcomes and is designed for ALL LEVELS (beginners, intermediate and advanced)

UPCOMING! 30 Day Yoga Flexibility Challenge

UPCOMING! 30 Day Yoga Flexibility Challenge

with Alpa Lokhande

Thursday 01 Feb 2018
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Location: Eco Yoga Sanctuary

Ladies Only! 

Come and learn to explore your own potential , find your new deeper self and rediscover your own tolerance & patience with Alpa Lokhande 's 30 day Yoga Flexibility challenge .

The program will run everyday for 75 mins for 30 days everyday . The focus will be on hips, hamstrings, back, shoulders & neck. The amazing stretches in the yoga flow will help you dramatically improve your flexibility of the muscles & stability of the joints.

The class will be instructed and demonstrated in order to prepare you for the peak pose of the day . Along with the challenge we will focus toward healthy clean eating habits , expressing our gratitude & building on our affirmations everyday .

This porgam will aim to increase your mind -body awareness , cultivate higher level of consciouness , train your mind through the movements ,help you release tension from your mind and body ,make your more flexible with your thought , mind & attitude and further dropping you deeply into the meditation.

Our mind body system reflects our emotional history . Through Yoga & stretching , we can release all the unwanted emotions & suppressed feelings from our system. As we stretch our muscles and expand our range of motion , one shift the body patterns that has trapped emotional pain and helps to release it.

- Regular Price: 1200 Dirhams (excluded the 5 % VAT)

Terms & Conditions:
- Non-refundable and Non-transferable.

- Early Bird Price until 5th January 2018 only.

- (Ladies Only)

- Limited space available.


- For more information: Call us on: 04 385 6633 / 056 7711336


After having a transformative experience in the previous 2 challenges with YogicAlpa I had to sign up for the 3rd one. This challenge helped me to go beyond what my physical body can achieve and to concentrate on how to be mindful / present and have a clear mind. She guided us towards focusing on our breath. By doing that, the stretches became deeper and easier to do, unwanted thoughts got released and i became more open. Yogic Alpa has always been so considerate to every student, her attention is equally divided on each one of us regardless of our level in practicing yoga. For that, I am truly grateful for her and for having this wonderful experience.

Miassar allababidi 0

I signed up for the second challenge with Coach Alpa and will definitely go for more, in the futre. Coach Alpa cares about her students and guides each of us in achieving our fitness goals. She sees to it that every one of us gets the maximum benefit in each class - which we all surely appreciate and are grateful for. This 30 day challenge is a mixture of physical and mental exercises - and it’s why we have had a roller coaster of emotions, wherein both our minds and body would almost give up but with Coach Alpa’s motivations, we have made it to the end. “If I can do it, you can do it.” This was what kept us going. Each time we felt like giving up, she would say this line and we would immediately get back up. She knows our abilities and she made sure we make good use of them. This challenge has transformed my physical and mental health. The perfect combination of “body-and-mind” resulted to an even better way of thinking, calmer and clearer. I have written a lot but words are not enough to explain how amazing this class and Coach Alpa is. Thanks to Coach Alpa and to the entire EYS team for this life-changing experience.

Amal Al Mulla 0

After having an amazing experience in the first challenge with coach Alpa, I had to sign up for the second challenge! To me this challenge helped me in exploring my self, my body and my mind. Hitting the peak pose was like achieving a target , I enjoyed the journey of it and I started to understand myself mentally, spiritually and physically. Once I hit the pose I was always eager to find out what else I can achieve. I learned that I can achieve more than what I think I can. Coach Alpa sets the first stepping stones and paves our way to the journey of this during class , not only that, but also puts A LOT of effort after class with each one of us. She is available to always guide us in the best way at all times. We are all grateful for that. A 30 day challenge creates a certain discipline that you do not want to break out of it. After finishing the challenge I started to believe that yoga puts you in a mindset that becomes a lifestyle, a way of living rather than simply a workout. I will definitely sign up for the next challenge!

Miassar allababidi 0

This is my second challenge with Coach Alpha, amazing 30 days body and mental transformation. The good part is although there are big number of students in class; Coach keeps an eye on you and push you and help you to do the right poses. I like the discipline in the class. I'm gratitude for joining this challange. Thanks Team, Thanks Coach.

Hamda Redha 0

experience you cannot quite put into words.

Chun 0

I signed up for the very first yoga challenge with Alpa after attending a couple of her regular classes at Eco Yoga Sanctuary. She is a true motivator who leads a group of motivated ladies whom from first hand experience witnessed improve day by day. Pros I was not a very flexible individual and lacked patience--for instance quickly giving up in other yoga classes for not being able to touch the floor with my hands. The daily challenge enables you to become more patient, you figure out how to do certain poses in a manner that best suits you under the guidance of Alpa. You also work with partners in the class who support and push you. I have gained confidence and peace in my mind. All in all the experience is something that you cannot quite perfectly put into words. Cons Truthfully speaking, nothing.

Chun 0