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Studio Etiquette

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes earlier to give you enough time to finish the registration. Classes start on time as per schedule. Some Teachers don't allow late arrivals and may not permit to join her class.

  • Please be aware of the class level before attending. If you are unsure, kindly refer to the class description for more details.

  • Please remove your shoes before stepping into the yoga room. We have a shoe rack in the sitting area to put your shoes and lockers on site for you to leave your valuables and personal belongings.

  • Please respect silence. Please refrain from chatting during class. If necessary, speak in love tones to avoid disturbing or distracting other students.

  • Please follow the teacher’s instructions, discuss any medical consideration, injuries, pregnancy or special medications with your teacher before the class starts.

  • Kindly clean the space you have used & wipe any good sweat left behind. Kindly store equipment used back on the shelves neatly.

Studio Etiquette

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