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About Us

Eco Yoga Sanctuary aims to be the haven you always dreamed of.

Eco Yoga Sanctuary is the right place to go for soul relaxation, meditation for mind, fitness for the body and most of all to create an escape bubble to be refresh from daily toxins life throw in our way.

Thus, Eco Yoga Sanctuary aims to give quality classes only of Yoga, Pilates, Core class and other healthy practices. To be the ambassador of keeping the Earth green and habitable. To be the signature of fresh breathe that exhales a sense of calmness in a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere. To be the center of interaction among yogis in Dubai, UAE and all over the world.

Our Sanctuary is sustainably designed for women of all ages. With us you can experience our installed eco-friendly Far Infrared Heating (FIH) Heating panels inside the studio that creates a gentle heat that works on the body rather than the room. It is also designed to harmlessly to our environment, by using materials and studio equipment made from organic materials and usage of facilities that helps conserve in our water and electricity consumption. Every tiny detail was well thought on how it can contribute in keeping our environment clean and green. From the the sanitized and filtered water that we drink to the chromotherapy shower that revitalizes your frame of mind together with the fresh plants in all corners of our Sanctuary. All these to cater the needs you need in and out.

For Eco Yoga Sanctuary is your home away from home. The place where YOU belong.

Why EYS?

There are a lot of yoga studios around but why EYS?

Simple, EYS offers nothing but the best in terms of place-price-products.

  • In a glance Our Sanctuary is the most beautiful yoga studio in the city.
  • You get every dirham's worth with us.
  • We only have high quality classes, workshops & courses by highly qualified instructors attested from International Institution.

Additionally, we are committed to offer a place exclusively for ladies only where they can grow mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and environmentally. It is our duty to provide yoga and other activities for the benefit of women in Dubai, the UAE and others around the world.

We Offer

Our main service is Yoga. We also offer Pilates & Core classes to help the ladies keep in shape. We also offer belly dancing to bring out the feminine within! The studio is also designed for special classes like Hot Yoga and Bikram.

It's all about Yoga

Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing techniques, yoga postures (asanas) and meditation." Through yoga we can achieve complete unity of the mind, body and soul. Yoga is also advised for those under medication and treatment, pregnant mommies, and simply those who need relaxation and stress relieve.

Core Training

Core training is simply performing specific exercises to develop and strengthen the stabilizer muscles. If any of these core muscles are weakened, it could result in lower back pain or protruding waistlines. Keeping these core muscles strong can do wonders for your posture and help give you more strength in other exercises like running and walking."


"Pilates is an innovative and safe system of mind-body exercise using a floor mat or a variety of equipment. It teaches body awareness, good posture and easy, graceful movement. Pilates also improves flexibility, agility and economy of motion. It can even help alleviate back pain."

The Tour

The moment you step at our door you will smell the aromatherapy essence filling in the spa. Every breath you take will transform you to be more calm and ready to enjoy peaceful yoga time. Every step you take helps you transcend into an out of this world experience. From here the warm welcome from the staff invites you to the life of yoga which is full of energy and positive vibes.

And like a delicious meal, there will always be a delectable side dish, which in our reception is represented by our retail area. In here you can find props, equipment and attire for yoga all from reputable labels and brands. So after registration, you can stroll about in our retail area to enjoy our goodies!

The Waiting Area

Enjoy the spacious waiting area with fresh fruits, detoxifying water and refreshments that we serve everyday while reading our inspirational and educational books. Tea to treat your body, internally and physically. Detoxifying water to hydrate your body and improve your muscles and skin and fruits to give you nutrients to survive the toxics right after you step out of our Sanctuary.

This is the leisure area in which you can do all that gives you peace and calm. Wall of Fame in the waiting area is an added bonus with significant people from the yoga world.