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The Founder

Yoga can be define in many ways. One main reason why I'm practicing, teaching, and sharing Yoga because I do believe Yoga makes you become thoughtful and mindful in a deeper intention behind every action. Yoga helps me feed my curiosity, to stop and think of why we do the things we do. 

When I started practicing yoga, I often see women coming from other places, rarely I see women of my own kind. Even then and now, many thinks that Yoga contradicts a religion or that the practise itself if for those flexible and slender bodies. Most of my circle of friends and acquaintances questions if practicing Yoga is against my beliefs or if my practice is disrupting how I live in my society. Common misconceptions that can easily be corrected when given thoughtful and mindful reaction. I believe that the best way to create awareness and help people around me understand is to become an example and to encourage all to try it themselves. This is why I choose to become the instrument, that what I teach is passing the understanding of how Yoga practice helped me and the benefits I'm enjoying. 

Inspired to aspire women by my personal journey, I started and founded Eco Yoga Sanctuary with a reviving purpose: to create a real Sanctuary to all women. A Sanctuary where anyone can get in touch with their true self. A Sanctuary where anyone can go to when they are in need of relaxation, peace of mind, balanced lifestyle, channel stress, and exercise. Whoever they are, this Sanctuary is going to accept you and make you feel belongingness. In here you will find a support group from people treating you like a family. Today I'm very happy to become from a government organization employee, a Senior Strategic Manager, to a full time Yoga Studio Owner.
My story didn't end there, in fact it was just the beginning. I realized that my Yoga Studio should offer Yoga Classes and related activities that creates and gives value; Yoga that is designed for all. Sending myself to a 300-Hours Yoga Teachers Training Course taught me the value, lifestyle, philosophy behind Yoga practice. Additionally, I have completed NLP training to become a Time Line Practitioner, Choice Theory & Reality Coach and a QATA Master Coach. All these certifications partnered with the leadership trainings I have attended and used in my governmental job: like strategic planning, maintaining organizational performance and assessment, policy making, Entrepreneurship, multi-cultural communication & training, etc.;  I learned to manage my time, my studio, my team on how to endeavour making a positive impact. I look forward to seeing on the lives I touch how self-aware they are on taking care of themselves and found their way into a small groups or community that fosters and celebrates growth. I strongly believe to become successful in this industry is to hold this impact on women, the society and the world. 


Every day I woke up pursuing to send love and awareness to women and to all individual. Whenever we got a chance, we visit offices and organizations in support of their health events and wellness fair. Reaching out and collaborating with private and public organizations to participate on their events in support to the Government's initiatives. Planting small seeds of awareness as part of leading Eco Yoga Sanctuary to become a part of anyone's life journey. Guiding, inspiring , and supporting you all the way, until we all become the better version of ourselves.


Asma Omar Obaid Majed Almajed
Founder of Eco Yoga Sanctuary