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Yoga Challenge

This challenge welcomes and is designed for ALL LEVELS (beginners, intermediate and advanced)

14 Day Hot yoga Challenge

14 Day Hot yoga Challenge

with Victoria Cunningham

Saturday 02 Jan 2021

Location: Eco Yoga Sanctuary

Do you want to change your body, improve your health, and transform your practice?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, the 14 Day Hot yoga Challenge will help you to feel energized, alert, healthy, strong, and focused. Simply complete 14 hot yoga classes in 14 days and experience benefits that you may never have enjoyed before.

EcoYoga Sanctuary will host this new hot yoga challenge to challenge yourself to complete the 14 classes in 14 days. That’s it. Pure and simple. The 14 days of Hot yoga will include a discipline of Bikram Yoga and corrections to understand the posture to the best benefits. It will also include a vinyasa flow that will help you gain strength which is a must-have on everyone’s ‘Bucket List.

The benefits are most rewarding and can help with weight loss, just by burning up to 500 calories a day. It will be a 70-minute class allowing time to meditate and cool down after.

The hot challenge will focus on breathing and knowledge of anatomy and why we practice in a hot room. 

See you on the mat.

All levels are welcomed.

Terms and conditions:

  • Non-refundable / Non-Negotiable / Non-Transferable


  • Time: 8:00-9:10 PM (Saturday-Thursday) and 6:30-7:30PM (Friday)
  • Fees: 600 Dirhams
  • Date: 2nd until 15th January 2021

Please contact us:

For more information call us on 043856633 - 0567811996.

Terms and conditions apply.

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