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Yoga Challenge

Gain amazing strength and remarkable flexibility with yoga! This challenge welcomes and is designed for ALL LEVELS (beginners, intermediate and advanced)

30 Day Yoga Challenge

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Alpa Lokhande

Wednesday 25 Oct 2017
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Location: Eco Yoga Sanctuary

Just in time for your get-healthy, be-stronger, love-your-body resolutions for the coming New Year ...we proudly announce our 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE.

Gain amazing strength and remarkable flexibility with yoga! Team up with ex-banker yoga teacher Alpa lokhande to practice yoga and meditation. She will also guide you to use these age old tools to make your life better. This challenge welcomes and is designed for ALL LEVELS (beginners, intermediate and advanced)

The structure of the program

- Each days practice will be a unique dynamic sequence focusing on strength, stability, mobility and flexibility.

- In every day’s 75 Minutes class we thrive to learn and practice the dynamic sequence and eventually progressing into the new peak pose. The sequence of the class revolves around the peak pose including the sun salutations, poses for strength and flexibility and drills using props.

- The peak poses learned the earlier day keeps on adding into the next day’s practice sequence hence making it more adventurous and exciting.

- We commit to explore our own potential, go beyond our comfort zone and be receptive to learn, adapt, modify to these exciting new 30 poses throughout the challenge. 

- This mega yoga challenge will be combined with recommended healthy and clean diet plan that will help you make small changes throughout the month leading to long term benefits.

The perspective of the 30 day challenge

- This is not an ordinary yoga program. It's a major transformation in your life and you are about to embark an amazing adventurous journey in your life 

- What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.”- Buddha

- It takes 21-30 days to rewire your neural connection in your brain to create a new habit. This program constantly encourages the mind, body and soul to be more present, open-minded and to learn more. 
- It can help change the way the brain “thinks” by, over time, creating and strengthening new neurons and neural pathways to help get out of old baggage/habits and stuck old ways of thinking. 
- The challenge aims to learn on the mat - deep calm breathing, softening muscles, clearing the mind and enjoying the present moment and bringing it into our daily lives off the mat.

- Whatever you may be dealing with can be healed, transformed and you can break through to the next level. You learn to be you own magician to create miracles, or be your own healer to create happiness in your life.

Pre requisite for the challenge

- Dedication to show up every day on the mat 
- Disciplined actions be on time every single day & prioritizing ones healthy habits.
- Being committed to not give on one self. 
- Persistence to be complete the challenge.
- Belief and trust that anything and everything is possible.
- Attitude...a positive one 

Days & TIming:
- 25th October - 26th November (excluded 17th November)
- Saturday - Friday start at 7:00 pm

- Regular Price: 1200 Dirhams
- Early Bird Price: 1000 Dirhams

Terms & Conditions:
- Non-refundable and Non-transferable.

- (Ladies Only)

- Limited space available.


- For more information: Call us on: 04 385 6633 / 056 7711336




There’s something very special about her classes, it’s a mix of her voice, articulation, method instructions, and the mediations. But I believe it’s mainly the energy she exerts. With Alpa, it’s all about what you are doing, how you are challenging yourself, and most importantly, why are you doing this: for yourself; to heal, to feel better, to detox, to let go, to build confidence, to recentre. Each class starts and ends with a few minutes of meditation. Throughout the session, Alpa spends a good percentage of her time focusing on every individual whether it’s correcting their pose, or pushing their abilities even more. There are 3 wonderful lessons I learned through this challenge. 1) To be patient- yoga has taught me that good things come to those who wait. More challenging poses seemed impossible when I started yoga, but with regular practice and perseverance, I have been able to learn poses that once seemed impossible. 2)To Listen- When I first started yoga; I had to watch the instructor intently because the poses and terms were new to me. But over time, I have been able to move through my practice by listening to the teacher’s cues; sometimes I even close my eyes to help myself focus. 3) To Breathe- As I learned to breathe in yoga, I started to become more aware of my breath outside of my practice.

Zahra Tamimi

Since I have known Coach Alpa from Hot Yoga and Power Yoga, I knew from the beginning that the end result of my 21 day challenge will be absolutely good – though I have missed some days because I was on my annual travel. I’ve had mixed emotions in the beginning, but I have managed to control my emotions in just a span of two weeks. Changes were pretty wonderful – I felt stronger emotionally and physically; and most importantly, I felt peace in my soul. I was also able to change my eating habits since I started this exercise. I am more careful with my food which made my stomach pains a lot less. My sleeps were a lot tighter and needless to say, I wake up with a good boost of energy. I am now stronger mentally and physically! I highly recommend this program to anyone who seeks great transformation! Thank you very much Coach Alpa and EYC for the 21 day challenge :)

Amal Al Mulla 0