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"As per WHO, 1 out of every 4 people are affected by mental health issues. Identify your self-destructive behaviors and break the vicious cycle you are stuck in." An Average human mind is surrounded by zillions of walls erected on limited belief systems & true human potential is trapped behind them. Through breaking through these walls carefully built over the years seems impossible on a conscious level, a trained facilitator takes the safest route to setting the mind free. This process is continues till the individual finds a breakthrough into the light of awareness & accepts entrance into their otherwise dark & shrouded mind. Once comes out more aware of why the experiences occurred in their life & what purpose in their life, it actually served. They learn to accept the experience, embrace the learning, and also end up using it to build a more positive and successful futures for themselves.

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Anuradha Kamath

"Studied various Alternate healing modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Drawing Analysis, Access Consciousness & Theta. "


1 hour


630 AED

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