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Leo full moon practice

The full moon is the time for celebration, awakening of your creative expression, and being the bold spirit that you are.

Unleash the wilderness inside of you.

Embody the big lion heart

Have courage to be seen for who you are.

Forget the programming of “I should be.. I could be.. I would be.. I wanna be..” and say “THIS IS ME”.

I’m the wild bird that won’t be tamed
The desire that you don’t need to name
I’m the branch that becomes the flame
When the fire’s done burning, I remain.

Celebrate the full moon in leo with Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama, Asana flow and Meditation.


Workshop Details:

  • This Leo full moon’s energy invites us to explore our relationship with the Wild nature within and how we are exercising our personal will.
  • In Leo Full moon we are being called to tap into our wildish nature, instinctual playfulness, innate freedom, generosity of spirit and willpower. 
  • It is time to break through our inhibitions and bound in the direction that lights us up. 
  • Leo full moon energy calls us to express freely, boldly and brightly. 
  • Would you allow yourself to play and take time to relish what lights you up? 
  • Would you move with confidence and clarity to exercise your willpower? 
  • If yes Join us in this wild full moon celebration.


Teacher Biography: 

Nada is a 560 RYT with more than 6 years’ experience as a yoga teacher, her lineage of teaching is influenced by the tantric yoga style specifically Rasa Yoga school by Sianna Sherman, earlier in 2014 she graduated as a Pranavayu Yoga teacher by David Magone.Nada is trained in a 13 months program of urban priestess mystery school connected with the phases of the moon and the wheel of the year. She is a yoga teacher at the sport high school of Bonn university, and leads women’s circles workshops at the time of the new and full moon. She teaches corporate yoga too in Bonn/ Germany. Nada started practicing Yoga since 2003 while she was studying at the university and her academic background is in Food engineering.



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