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Sacred Womb Healing

Life sprouts wrapped in the womb of a mother. Life ends wrapped in the womb of Mother Earth. There is no beginning nor an end without a womb to embrace us. 

Women carry a lot of unexpressed and suppressed pain within them. This pain stems from shame, guilt, embarrassment, regret, anger, frustration, feelings of not being good enough, deep sense of longing for companionship and more. When one is unable to unlock these hidden traumas, face them, understand them and release them, women remain unable to function in their full potential. If not addressed in time, women attract physical, mental, emotional disorders to themselves. However, when a woman heals her womb, there is an intense shift of energy in her sacral chakra which brings back the alignment and balance in life that she had lost. Reinstating her creative abilities, her passion for life, helps her embrace her feminine and masculine equally and harness them to create an entire new universe of love and compassion. 

This is a powerful two hour session that involves, 

  • Discussion
  • Body Movement Therapy
  • Breath Work 
  • Sound Healing


  • You will need to be without food or drink for at least 2 hours before the session
  • You will have to bring 2 comfortable cushions or pillows

About the facilitator 

Anuradha Kamath is a Wellness Consultant and Behavioral therapist and assists her clients as a Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Metaphor Therapist, Sound Healer, Access Bar Practitioner and Laughter Yoga Therapist. 

She has conducted wellness sessions internationally across, UAE, India, Russia, Bahrain, Qatar and others. Participants travel across GCC, United States of America, India and others to attend the Sound Healing Meditation, Workshops, Spiritual and Self Empowerment sessions conducted by her in UAE. 

Her extensive experience of 23 years in the corporate segment as part of Top Management makes it easy for her to bridge the gap between personal and corporate wellness and hence has been invited by corporate organizations, schools and government institutions as motivational speaker locally and internationally. 

The tag line “My Life My Miracle”, is backed by the philosophy that every individual has equal potential to achieve anything & everything they want in life by just switching on the spot light within themselves.



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