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"Entering the void of self" A Sound Journey into You!

About the Teacher: 

Embracing frequency and vibrational therapy as life mission. Bonded to sound since 1998, first as musician he later graduated in Acoustics and continued the life path as trained Sound engineer all until he felt the call for something deeper.

After treating more than 600 souls on private sessions he had the chance to witness how sound can affect individuals mood and consequently transform their life's. Trained and certified in USA, Germany, Nepal and United Kingdom, he is currently offering a vast program of group sound meditation, hi-end one on one private sessions and certified Sound Therapy trainings in Dubai and abroad.



Mankind was always attracted to sound. The power of vibrational therapy was known since the old civilizations recognized it’s benefit for the human wellbeing. Sound can change structure of cells, align our physical and spiritual body and bring us into the state of peace.  In that special one hour group sound meditation every individual will have chance to explore end experience the self connection with proper self in the form of a multisensory experience induced by sound. Marko's unique approach of "activation and transformation" might start a new chaper of self exploration through the "engine of creation - sound!.


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