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The Art of Self-Love

How would your life be if you were completely in love with yourself, loving, honoring and respecting the woman you are? What choices would you make if you believed your deserve to have what your heart desires? 

Louise Hay, renown speaker and teacher in the field of personal development, believes that self love is the key to everything. Creating your dream life requires unconditional love for your self. Understanding, accepting and savoring the woman you are with no apology, grace and gumption. Owning your dreams and desires, shining your light.

This journey, we will introduce you to the Feminine Art of Loving & Romancing Yourself. We cover:
What’s self love? 
How and why is it essential for happiness and success?
How self-love will lead to attracting and cultivating true love?
Why are we afraid to love ourselves?
What are your biggest self-love blocks and how to release them?
The 11 foundations of self-love: practices for expansion 
Increase self-esteem and self-worth for a shower of blessings
The Self-Love Map: relationships, mirrors and true love
The Self-love Vow: everyday little things and big shifts


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