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We have gathered highly qualified instructors coming from all places to fill your needs -- physically, mentally, emotional and mindfully. On this page, you may find the yoga teacher you were looking for! Be inspired by their stories and know their journey. Your convenience is most important for us and may your chosen one progressively enlightened your world. And the best part is, you can sort your list as to what you wish to see!

Sneha Arora

One on One Session Group Session

To spread awareness, joy and knowledge of holistic yoga practice.

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Alexandra Yushkova

One on One Session

Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Theta Healing.

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Maritess Orata

One on One Session

Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self

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Ciro Siena

Group Session

I study under several Gurus in India for 6 months and also under my guru ( Shivananda tradition) who was a direct student of Swami Satyananda. I will become Guru.

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Shakti pachauri

Group Session

I am a certified international yoga teacher and yoga therapist

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Juliet Arndt

One on One Session

Juliet Arndt is a German Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy and a certified hypnotherapist. Hypnosis has always been a vital part of her life. One on One sessions / Seminars/ Workshops / Retreats / Motivational Shows

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Nadira Sayyed

One on One Session

I am enjoying Teaching And Learning a traditional approach to Yoga for Past Many Years, and aims to make this ancient practice available to everyone.Mission is to spread the awareness on the benefits of Yoga and to help people connect with themselves

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Dana Abou Zeki

One on One Session Group Session


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Hodis Kavian

Group Session One on One Session

Yoga is a "work-in" to connect the body, mind and soul together. Through our practice we learn how to be playful with our body, and we discover a lot about ourselves. Its an on going Joyful process. Learning and sharing is my passion. Namaste

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Vidisha Debsarkar

Group Session Corporate sessions

I had been practising yoga for over 15 years and teaching yoga for over 5 years in India. I specialise in Ashtanga yoga which comprises of breathing, meditation and excercises. I have helped people with their problem areas and improve over time.

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Sapna Rawat

Group Session One on One Session

Yoga & Reiki are blessings for me and I am immensely thankful to my 'Gurus' for inculcating the right Yogic principles in me. Through my sessions, I intend to share my knowledge & energy for creating a Healthier society. I don't practice, I live Yoga

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Muppidathi Mani

Group as well as Private sessions

Muppidathi Mani is a classical Hatha yoga and an Ashtanga yoga teacher,practitioner, a poet, theatre artist, and a firm believer in the magic of the universe and self healing powers of the body. She grew up in Bangalore, India where she pursued a Ba

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Daphne Mae Obana

One on One Session

Treat yourself with kindness. Keep loving yourself. Always be grateful. Choose love.

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Vrinda Toshniwal

Group Session

Yoga, which initially began as something that complemented my devotion to dance, soon took over my life. Passionate about yoga - I am always finding fun, creative ways to practice and share it with others.

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Catherine Moore

Group Session

The Beach Core Class is held on Kite Beach in the early morning. There isn’t a more beautiful studio in Dubai! The session starts with a 45 mins power walk along the beach, c6,000 steps, followed by a 15 mins core blast.

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Sophie Zimmermann

group session, one to one session

There is a place for Yoga in everyone' s life!

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Jinling Liu

Group Session One on One Session

Everyone can benefit from yoga. Either extra flexibility, strength, dynamic, more confident body posture, better breath, patience, calmness, focus, or bliss. I urge all of you start to practise yoga in and out of classroom. Namaste!!!

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Kamala ( Olive) Oliveros

Group Session

The beauty of yoga is, it suits with everyone and all you need is the willingness to take this journey. If you haven’t tried it yet, allow me to guide you on your first step and eventually, we’ll ’walk side by side’ like other practitioners, OM

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Anuradha Kamath

One on One Session Group Session

Anuradha Kamath is a Wellness Consultant and Behavioral therapist and assists her clients as a Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Metaphor Therapist, Sound Healer, Access Bar Practitioner and Laughter Yoga Therapist. She has conducted wellness sessions i

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Aisha Basova

Group Session One on One Session

Namaste! Inspired & grateful to be able to share the knowledge for the highest good of every being. Practicing & teaching Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation. Background in Reiki, TM Meditation, Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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Roxie Villasis

Group Session

My name is Roxie Villasis from Philippines.   I lived in Dubai in the last 13 years.   I joined yoga classes without awareness. I just loved the movement, asanas and flow. I asked myself; And I realised yoga has so many benefits in our body,mind

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Ansuiya Singh

One on One Session Group Session

RYS200 Yoga Alliance, Having trained approximately 1500 children & 1200 adults in yoga, Anu's mantra is to give everyone a tailor made customized yoga .

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Nicole Morrissey

Private and Group Sessions

Nicole has studied and practiced the ancient philosophies of yoga, meditation, and alternative healing modalities for over a decade. She has over 700 hours of RYT training, she is a professional sound healing practitioner, and reiki master.

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Natalia Sushkova

One on One Session

Spiritual Name Jayjeet Kaur - certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Instructor in ancient Taoist Sacral Feminine energy/longevity practices. With eight years of experience of global workshops, private sessions, and consultations. Yoga is my Life

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Jardine Ong

One on One Session Group Session

Hi Everyone! I teach Kids & Tweens Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Trapeze, Gravity Yoga (like Yin Yoga / Restorative), and SUPYoga. I can't wait to meet students who love these classes! Love, Jardine

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