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Reach Yoga Strap

Brand: Manduka
Color: Thunder Gray
Shipping Charges: 35 AED
Price: 70 AED
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Modeled after the original B.K.S. Iyengar design, the Cotton Yoga Strap comes with a strong, new-and-improved, easy to use buckle that provides the extra reach and secure hold needed to take a practice to the next level.

  • 0.4 lbs; 1.75" x 8' (8' Length); 1.75" x 10' (10' Length)
  • Webbing strap is 2mm thick
  • More durable buckle, made from metal
  • Middle Buckle is removable when webbing is pushed to the side for easy washing
  • Buckle has a square profile, allowing for more durability
  • New wider strap (1.25" vs. 1.75")
  • Pliable cotton webbing makes the strap easy to grip even in the most challenging positions
  • Based on the original strap design by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Made from unbleached cotton with a high tensile-strength weave