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New Moon Celestial Sound Bath

New Moon on the 15th May, is a perfect time to sow new seeds and get in the Flow of your Manifestation, Abundance and Embodiment! Riding the positive wave of 2018, the energies are assisting in a big way to help us break all old patterns and karmic loops, and move into higher consciousness through healing of patterns and letting go!

It is truly now time to make your dreams happen, the Universe is helping us with its celestial energies, provided you are ready to do the work and embrace higher consciousness and live a life of greater harmony, peace, love, joy, happiness!

Celestial Sound Journeys are a powerful way to release on a deep cellular level, allowing the higher vibrations created through various ancient healing instruments used by our ancestors for healing for thousands of years! The sound vibrations, change the structure of our cellular system by changing the vibrations of the water content in our cells, and thus a profound shift is experienced!

This profound Journey takes  us into a deeper journey of the subconscious mind where all the answers lie! Through this journey and altered states of being, your brainwaves take you into depths of subconscious where conscious mind has no control, thus a powerful transformational healing is experienced!

Join Meetu, for this transformational Journey this New Moon, as she guides you through her healing voice and ancient sound equipment such as Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Gongs, Tibetan bells and chimes, hand pan, ocean drum, rain stick, rattles and Crystal Chakra Healing Bowls. This session will leave you replenished, revived, awakened and relaxed, ready to enter a new level of manifestation and embodiment of the Self!


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