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Love Yourself First

This Workshop is more than just an opportunity to have your questions answered, they are a collective group healing.

This workshop contains content share combined with group exercises that facilitate connection with yourself and others

Come and fall in love ....... with yourself again :)

When was the last time you looked in othe mirror and felt in love with who
you are, how you look and what you do ?

Self-love refers to the act of valuing one’s own happiness and well-being.
Self-love is a kind of acceptance that can be described as an
unconditional sense of support and caring and a core of compassion for the

It might also be considered a willingness to meet personal needs, allow
non-judgmental thinking, and view the self as essentially worthy, good,
valuable, and deserving of happiness.
Many find it challenging to practice self-love or have barriers that make
it difficult for them to experience compassion or love for themselves
which causes a lot of suffering and pain.

If you want to know how to fall deeply in love with yourself totally
accept yourself ….

Completely embrace your uniqueness….. then this workshop is for you!

So what will you learn in this workshop to love yourself more:

· Learn how your mind actually works and how beliefs are created ( Theory
of the mind)

· Learn some very interesting and important Brain Rules related to self
worth and self acceptance

· You will conduct a self esteem test

· Experience mindfulness and self love through a special guided meditation

· Practice Maslows Hierarchy of Needs related to self love

· Learn 10 transform-your-self-worth steps and techniques to cultivate

· Understand the difference between Personal Oriented Negative Thoughts
and Performance Oriented Negative Thoughts

Your Gift is a self love bracelet of semi precious stones :)


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