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30 Day Yoga Flexibility Challenge with Alpa Lokhande

Ladies Only! 

Come and learn to explore your own potential , find your new deeper self and rediscover your own tolerance & patience with Alpa Lokhande 's 30 day Yoga Flexibility challenge .

The program will run everyday for 75 mins for 30 days everyday . The focus will be on hips, hamstrings, back, shoulders & neck. The amazing stretches in the yoga flow will help you dramatically improve your flexibility of the muscles & stability of the joints.

The class will be instructed and demonstrated in order to prepare you for the peak pose of the day . Along with the challenge we will focus toward healthy clean eating habits , expressing our gratitude & building on our affirmations everyday .

This porgam will aim to increase your mind -body awareness , cultivate higher level of consciouness , train your mind through the movements ,help you release tension from your mind and body ,make your more flexible with your thought , mind & attitude and further dropping you deeply into the meditation.

Our mind body system reflects our emotional history . Through Yoga & stretching , we can release all the unwanted emotions & suppressed feelings from our system. As we stretch our muscles and expand our range of motion , one shift the body patterns that has trapped emotional pain and helps to release it.

- Regular Price: 1200 Dirhams (excluded the 5 % VAT)

Terms & Conditions:
- Non-refundable and Non-transferable.

- Early Bird Price until 5th January 2018 only.

- (Ladies Only)

- Limited space available.


- For more information: Call us on: 04 385 6633 / 056 7711336


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