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Aura and Chakra Photography Workshop

Do you know which one of your Chakras are active and which ones are blocked?
Do you know what energy you vibrate to the outer world?
Have you ever seen your own Aura ?
Do you know what blocks each Chakra?
Do you know how to protect your own aura?
Do you know how to see auras?
Do you know how to see your own energy field ?

During this exciting workshop you will learn and explore the followings :

Explanation of the chakras and the meaning of our aura.
How to feel and see someone's aura easily.
How the strength of a certain chakra affects the aura. Meaning of dominant
colors in an aura.
Meaning of missing colors in an aura.
Explanation how to create a protective aura.
Photo shooting of the aura of each participant.
Analyzing the photo of 3 participants pointing out areas of strengths and
areas of improvements.
Analyzing three chakras visible in the photography
Guided meditation for chakra healing, aura cleansing and creating a
protective shield.

Every participant will receive their individual aura photograph and
details by email.

Participants are requested to wear white shirts/ tops during the workshop
so that the aura can be clear in the aura photography.



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