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Sound Healing in Arabic
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About the session

A Sound Healing is a journey of meditation guiding you into a exploration of your inner world or the subconscious mind, thoughts, with the intention of helping you to find peace in the end. The produced sound vibrates from the ears, cascading, weaving, soothing sound that goes through your senses going deep into your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level making the body relax and open for healing. This is for anyone that is having difficulty in pain management, lacking of good quality sleep, finding it hard to relax, worrying over things, having broken relationships, or suffering in an imbalanced aura, or blocked chakra energy. The sound journey is essential in breaking patterns of unhealthy pain, fears, traumas, blockages, negative relationship between our own selves and relationships to others. Like sound, the aim is to come out of the session with harmonious thoughts, clarity over things, and establish a starting point to break the unhealthy patterns. Asma Almajed, a sound healing facilitator, emphasizes with setting the intention before proceeding with the session. She use musical instruments, Tibetan bowls, Gongs, percussions, and sounds of nature. She also incorporates other effective healing techniques like theta, hypnotherapy, and Reiki to achieve a higher level of results. Particularly for those with cases who are in need of a deeper concentration.

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