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Our Sanctuary is open to events relating to yoga and health activities. We make sure that these events are relevant to the needs of each yogi and are helpful for the betterment of our community.We also have other events that are still good for the mind, body and soul.

International Day of Friendship

International Day of Friendship

Tuesday 30 Jul 2019

Location: Eco Yoga Sanctuary

We are inviting all our registered customers to bring their friends to Enjoy a Free Complimentar Class happening on 30th July.

Terms & Conditions Apply:
1. For ladies only.
2. Exclusive only for first timers/visitors in Eco Yoga Sanctuary.
3. Booked class is final and unchangeable, if missed booked class is forfeited.


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Teacher Training Course Free Class

Teacher Training Course Free Class

Saturday 27 Jul 2019

Location: Eco Yoga Santuary

Become a Yoga teacher means becoming a Yoga Student first! Only when we learn Yoga, from the point of view of Self- transformation at the Physical, Mental and Emotional level, can we pursue the path of Holistic Well-being and guide others.

The common misconception about the Yoga teacher's training course is that it is meant for someone who wants to become a "Teacher"...

To unravel the authentic and true purpose and way, join us for the TTC TASTER sessions, open to all,  to understand and experience Yoga for beginners and how we can take charge of our lives, mind and health by making that LIFESTYLE CHANGE 

Sneha Arora, an affiliate to one of the oldest Yoga School in India, The Yoga Institute. The course curriculum is based on Classical Hatha Philosophy and practice of The Institute. 


*Yoga Alliance Accredited


July 27, Sat, 12.30pm

Aug 8, Thurs, 7.30pm
Aug 24, Sat, 12.30pm
September 1, Sunday 7.30pm

Admission: Free


*Register or Enroll on the TTC TASTER DATES TO receive a special discount and gift!



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