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Now more than ever, the Feminine is invited to dive deep in her truth and activate the luminous power within to radiate LOVE in the midst of the chaos, to find her center in the eye of the storm.

To do so, it is essential to learn how to feel WHOLE again, to bring back fragmented part of ourselves, to release ancestral traumas, to cultivate our feminine presence and inner light. 

This Goddess Glow Ceremony is designed to light up your Feminine Fire. You will experience tantric feminine practices and  ancient energy recalibration. 


Opening the Circle: heart/womb centering 
Light My Fire Shamanic Journey: remembering fragmented part, reclaiming lost power, becoming whole 

Inner Power Activation: finding your center in the eye of the storm with your Earth Connection, Sacred  Boundaries and Divine Alignment  

Tantric recalibration: how to ride your Emotional River for your truth and medicine to shine brighter

Step into Grace: the I AM frequency and closing circle


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