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Sacred Feminine Ceremony: SEXUAL HEALING with Silfath Sofia Pinto




We are experiencing a great period of ending and rebirth. Now more than ever is important that we heal and access primordial energies to support our expansion.


Sexual Energy is the energy of rebirth and creation. Love is the power that heals and elevates. On July 24th, the Full Moon in Aquarius will be creating a powerful portal for us to access new ways of living and leading as awakened women. This is why Silfath will open a healing vortex with 2 healing ceremonies on Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union and Relationships.


These transformational journeys are anchored in the Shamanic and Tantric Codes to clear fears and limitations as well as recode your energy for love, pleasure and beautiful sacred relationships. 


Sexual energy is the life force energy that brings vitality, inspiration, creativity and, most importantly, that is the source of our power to create a new life, new conditions and new versions of ourselves. 


This is why this Moon Ceremony with Silfath focuses specifically on Sacred Sexuality, lifting the veil, seeing the limitations and opening to new possibilities. It’s time to end the cycle of shame, disconnection and fear, opening a new cycle of being Empowered and Ecstatic in our Sexual Energy.


In this 2-hour journey, we cover:

  • Opening Ceremony 
  • Sacred Sexuality Teachings + Tantric Activation Practices for manifestation, rejuvenation and vitality
  • Emotional Clearing + Sacred Intimacy practice
  • Shamanic Healing Journey + Breathwork Healing : releasing traumas, illusions and fears 
  • Tantric Sensual Movement
  • Closing Insight : Messages from the Moon




About Silfath Sofia Pinto


I am Silfath, a feminine awakening guide and magical living coach, an engaging teacher and wild giggler, a change maker and fearless dancer. I am passionate about living in a world where every woman celebrates how beautiful, unique and magical she is. And I make it happen.


I am a magical living alchemist


Through my work and my own personal journey, this is what became clear to me:

  •  The key to being happy is to cultivate a deep, loving and honest relationship with yourself. Engaging in a magical self-love affaire generates wholeness and happiness.

  • Life is not about going through the motion it’s about dreaming, daring and loving. We are not here to settle or survive, we are here to shine and thrive.

  • Embracing your divine feminine essence will add power, pleasure and magic in your life. It’s time to savour a better balance through emotions, surrender, flow, receptivity, intuition.


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