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The Heroine: Facing Yourself When Life Confronts You

The true test of the Heroine is her permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles and discouragements.  

The Heroine is ready for battle and life's roller coaster at any time.  She stands victorious, leading by example through life with love and grace.

The Heroine dares to tap into her greatness!  

Breathe in, mentally utter the word ‘Victory’ and exhale. You’ll find the strength of a hundred angels behind you. ~Yogi Bhajan

Join this special class devoted to women, particularly during this special month of breast cancer awareness. Nancy dedicates this class to all the Heroines in her life, especially her mother, a breast cancer survivor.  Custom made breast cancer awareness bracelets have been designed for Nancy by @melonboxdesigns.  Proceeds from the sale of these special bracelets and from all associated women's health workshops this month will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.


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