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Let Go with Sounds

“The first step towards getting what you want, is having the courage to let go of what you do not."

This 60 minute journey with Anuradha is about releasing your past that is holding you back from exploring your full potential. Experience a deep trance of inner quiet and bliss as the waves of sound though a medley of sound healing instruments deepen your experience by immersing you in them. The intense breath work quietens the inner chaos. Rhythmic chants invoke positivity. The gentle postures of Gong Yoga & Hand Mudras align your mind & body. Aroma Therapy is interwoven through guided meditation to give you a true escapade from the grip of 5 senses.

Anuradha is a Wellness Consultant and Behavioral therapist and assists her clients as a Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Metaphor Therapist, Sound Healer, Access Bar Practitioner and Laughter Yoga Therapist. She has conducted wellness sessions internationally across, UAE, India, Russia, Bahrain, Qatar and others. Participants travel across GCC, United States of America, India and others to attend the Sound Healing Meditation, Workshops, Spiritual and Self Empowerment sessions conducted by her in UAE. Her extensive experience of 23 years in the corporate segment as part of Top Management makes it easy for her to bridge the gap between personal and corporate wellness and hence has been invited by corporate organizations, schools and government institutions as motivational speaker locally and internationally. 


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