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Dive in a 2-day journey to move from stress to bliss, from stuck to magnetic!!

Your body is your sacred temple, a pleasure playground and powerful oracle! When you know how to activate it’s magic, you become peaceful, ecstatic and magnetic. You radiate a light that brings healing and elevation for you, your family and community. 


What you’ll do:

Embark in an Goddess Initiation to activate your Golden Body and Goddess Glow 

-Goddess healing rituals for body restoration to calm and nourish your nervous system

-Goddess practices: Feminine Movement, Shakti Dance, Womb Meditations to awaken your innate wisdom and cultivate your inner fire  

- Breathing practices: heart/womb and ovarian  

-Transformational practices to re-wire your body for love and pleasure

-Sexual healing journey for vitality, fertility and creativity 

-2 Goddess Ceremonies: 5 Elements Activation and Venus Rising  

-Sacred Sharing Circles 


What you’ll get

- Reconnect with body and feel at home/grounded

- Release traumas and limiting beliefs stored in your tissue and holding your vibration down

- Clear ancestral and emotional baggage 

- Restore your feminine nervous system to feel peace and clarity

-Feel sensual, alive and full of creativity/possibilities

- Activate your feminine energy (SHAKTI) and reclaim your womb power 

- Understand how to upgrade your body energy to keep your vibration high and manifest beautiful people and circumstances 

- Cultivate your vitality and inner glow 

- Use movement medicine to be more expressive and fluid in your body 

- Activate your gifts, unique magic and message 


The body is the missing part in the journey most women embark on to shine and life their life fully. Learning how to restore, rejuvenate and tune in your body is priceless and life changing. 


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