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Back To Being Me - Transformation Mornings

From: 17th November - 23rd of November


‘Back to Being Me' is a 180 degree transformation program including Breath Work, Eating Right with diet guidelines, Daily Meditation, Physical Exercise & Mindful Practices attempts to bring changes at all levels of existence - Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual. The schedule is during the early morning hours between 4-5.30AM. The reason for choosing the early morning slot is because the veil between the Physical and Intuitive world is the thinnest and one can access one's highest concentration and absorption powers. The mind is refreshed and clear of all thoughts and hence gets into deep transformative states instantly. 


  • Meditations
  • Intuitive Exercises
  • Mindful Practices
  • Physical Activity
  • Soul Talk
  • Breath Work
  • Eating Right


  • Prior Registration is a must.
  • Clients must bring their own yoga mats and water bottles.
  • Amount is nonrefundable unless client has not attended even a single session.


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