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200 Hours Yoga Teacher's Training Course


The aim of this course is to enable one to gain deep knowledge of authentic yoga, be aspired by the learning so that you’re able to apply it in your daily life as well as to inspire others as a yoga teacher.  


The table below shows the necessary components of the course.

1. Introduction to Yoga and Yogic practices

2. Introduction to Hatha Yoga

3. Introduction to Patanjali

4. Bhavas Of Buddhi –Basis Of Yoga Education

5. Yoga anatomy and health

6. Yoga and mental well being

7. Yoga and Stress Management

8. Asanas

​9. Pranayama

10. Practices leading to Meditation


Additional Benefits & of Doing TTC at Eco Yoga Sanctuary

  1. You will get a manual & a course book.
  2. You will receive opportunities to teach in the studio. As well as community classes.
  3. We are offering 4 months yoga classes unlimited for 1000 dirhams only between 15 March - 30th Sept. 2019 for TTC students only.
  4. You will get Internationaly Recognized Yoga Alliance Corporation at the end of the course.
  5. We will be providing yoga mat, yoga props and towels throughout the course.


Course Dates: (Alternate Weekends)

Fridays : 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM | Saturdays : 12 pm - 6 pm


16 Weekends / 8 Modules:

Per module cost 2500/- (inclusive of Vat & Part A and B)


1. Mar 29-30 -Module 1 (Part A)

Introduction to Yoga and Yogic Practises:

Etymology & Definitions of Yoga

- History and Development of Yoga

- Aim & Objectives & Misconceptions about Yoga

- Physical practice - Focus on Dharma Bhava/ Meditative Poses and their importance


2April 5-6- Module 1 (Part B)

Introduction to Patanjali Yoga Sutras & Bhavas

Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali

- Bhavas- The traits of Buddhi( intellect)

- The physical practice of Asanas- Focus on Extremities

- Suryanamaskars

- Sahajbhava Asanas


3. April 26-27   Module 2 (Part A)

Conceptual Techniques, Karma Yoga and Pranayama

Pratipaksha Bhavana

- Purushartha

- Anitya&Nishpanda bhavana

- Pranayama 1- 9

- Karma Yoga

- Physical practice- Focus on Forward bends, Side bends, Inversions and Torsions



4. May 3-4 – Module 2 (Part B)


Yoga Kriyas Introduction/ Advanced pranayama-

- Purpose & utility of Shat-kriyas/ Asana & Importance of Pranayama

- Practise of all the Kriyas and Advanced Pranayama (Practical)

- Physical Practise focus on all Backbends

- Intro to Aishwarya bhava


5. May 17-18 Module 3 (Part A)

Introduction to Human Systems, Yoga & Health / Anatomy

  • Homeostasis
  • Exercise physiology
  • Circulatory System
  • Skeletal-Muscular System
  • Respiratory system
  • Sense Organs(Yonimudra)
  • Integumentary System


  • Physical practise Unique techniques of Bhavanas /Meditation/ Concentration


6. May 24-25 – Module 3 (Part B)(Workshop by Laura on May 25, 12pm-2pm, Yogic Diet)

-Introduction to Human Anatomy / Yogic Diet

- Digestive System

- Reproductive System

- Nervous System

- Endocrine System

- Excretory System

Yogic Diet and Nutrition

Physical Practise- Restorative Yoga Practises & Asanas for Abdominal Compression


7. May 31, June 1- Module 4 (part A)- Workshop by Harinaam- Definition & Nature of Yoga- May 31, 10am-12pm)

Workshop by Ms. Jaya- June 1-12-2pm- ChittaVrittis

Patanjali Yoga Sutras/ Concepts

  • Definition, Nature & Aim of Yoga acc to Patanjali---HARINAAM
  • Concept of Chitta&Chitta Bhumis---Ms. JAYA
  • Chitta- Vrittis&Chitta-VrittiNirodha( Abhyasa& Vairagya)—Ms. JAYA
  • Concept of 4 Parikarmas
  • Kleshas
  • Physical Practise – Focus on Alignment & adjustments in asanas


8. June 14-15 – Module 4 (part B)

Patanjali Yoga sutras / Concepts---Ms. JAYA       2-4.30pm – June 14

-Gen Intro to Sad Darshans—Ms. JAYA – 12-2pm June 15

-4 Paths to Yoga

-Principles of Yoga & Yogic Practises

-Physical Practise -Focus on Sequencing of Poses--Binita


9. June 28-29 – Module 5 (part A)

Yoga & Stress Management

Concept of Trigunas

Concept of Panchmahabhutas—Ms.Jaya (3.-4.30pm, June 28)

Intro to Ayurveda – Laura- June 29- 3-5pm

Physical Practise will be focussed on Meditative poses & Pranayama


10. July 12-13 – Module 5 (Part B)

Yoga for wellness, Prevention & promotion of Positive health

-Yogic Conceptions of Health & diseases

Cardiac, Diabetes, Orthopaedic, BP, and other diseases and their prevention


Nutrition, Lifestyle & Principles of Healthy- Living---Laura(July 13, 12-2pm)

Physical Practise Focus on Headstands and Arm balancing poses----ALPA (July 12, 10-12pm)


11. July 26-27 – Module 6 (Part A)

Hatha Yoga texts, Intro to Bandhas and Mudras

Physical practise focus on Asanas for specific health conditions


12. August 9-10 Module 6 (Part B)


Practise of Bandhas , Kriyas, Mudras, Pranyama

Sequencing class for teaching


13. August 23-24  Module 7 (Part A)


Role of Yoga for Life Management/Stress Management / Yoga Games

Physical Practise

Core strengthening Asanas and conduction of Hatha Flow Class


14. August 30-31  Module 7 (Part B)

Communication Skill & teaching Practice

  • Guidelines for Verbal & Non- Verbal Communication
  • Teaching Environment
  • Teaching Practise
  • Use of props
  • Art of adjusting others

-Intro to Prenatal Class, kids yoga class


15. September 13- 14



Guidelines for Yoga teachers

Physical practise will focus on adjusting others and variations in Asanas for Limitations

Discussion and Q/A on Entire TTC Modules and prep for Exams,

Chakra Meditation (Workshop)-  Binita


16. Sept 20- 21

Practical and Theory Exam


Payment Terms

  • - Regular Price: 12,500 Dirhams
  • - Early Bird Price: 11,500 Dirhams (valid until 14th February)
  • - A deposit of AED 500/- is mandatory to insure your seat in the course.


    - Programs: Paid in advance in full upon agreement of the program.


    - Upon registration, to guarantee your place, you are required to make a deposit of 50% of the total value within  7 days after making your reservation. The remaining balance is due and can be paid maximum 5 days before the course begins.


    - If you wish to pay in 2 installments, you may make the first installment within the first 7 days of your registration of the course of 50%. And the second 2nd installment by 15th of April, 2019, however one cannot avail the early bird discount if one opt for the installment option.

Important Note: 
To hold your spot, pay the deposit amount of 500 AED click this link:


Installment Basis

  • - First Payment - Before the Course start
  • - Second Payment - After the Completion of 45 days


About the trainer or about the Lead teacher:


The teaching training manuals and course material is based on using the traditional Yoga practices as transmitted by the masters for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being , formulated by The Yoga Institute, one of the oldest Yoga schools in India in affiliation with Eco Yoga Sanctuary, Dubai. The course is lead by Ms. Sneha Arora, teaching and conducting Yoga courses and trainings for a decade now. Being an affiliate with The Yoga Institute and registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, she is well -versed with curriculum and teaching methods. A team of teachers will be conducting some sessions through the course, as well as special guest speakers will throw light on certain topics of Nutrition, Anatomy and Philosophy.

Teacher Training Programs


- There is a lot of effort that goes into conducting a teachers’ training programme, and hence the course fee is not refundable. However, you may transfer it to someone who would be interested in becoming a teacher. 


- There are costs of program delivery and to plan and prepare for our students who have committed to coming. If you pay a deposit to hold your space, you are agreeing that you will pay the remainder of your fee in accordance with the payment plan you register for regardless of whether you attend the program, as that deposit is paid in exchange for “holding your space” and may serve to deny another student the chance to participate. Accordingly,the course fee  is non-refundable however transferable ( You are responsible to find your replacement). This policy is effective immediately upon registration. Out of fairness to all of our students, we do not make exceptions to our no-refund policy, and we must remain consistent.


- You are obliged to pay the rest of the course fee. With signing up you have agreed to paying the full course fee.



The purpose of the Teachers’ Training course is become not only a good student of Yoga but a compassionate teacher as well. All the rules and disciplines are set only to instill discipline , however we look forward to your participation, as there will be a few fun surprises as well through the course at ECO YOGA SANCTUARY. Intensity doesn’t mean one has to serious. However, Sincerity is all we hope for, to help you transform your life and Yoga journey with us! 

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