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Womb Healing and Feminine Reclamation with Silfath Pinto

The sacral chakra is the energy center that regulates movement, creation and manifestation, self worth, sensation, emotions, feminine vs masculine balance, sexuality, vitality, intimacy and pleasure. When we are healthy on our sacral chakra we are full of energy, we savor the sweetness of life, we create and birth projects, ideas, fulfilling relationships and wealth. We can change, adapt and dance effortlessly with our environment. We know how to nourish ourselves and our soul desires. It's the chakra of emotional identity and self-nourishment. 

During this immersion, you will learn the causes of women’s physical emotional and mental unbalance. You will also learn the Feminine Arts to connect to your womb, receive messages and clear physical, emotional and energetic blocks. We cover 7 energetic practices:
Clarity - Womb Meditation to access your inner wisdom and truth
Creativity - Ovarian Breathing & Clearing
Vitality - Breathing technique to access and restore your Life Force (Shakti Power): Microcosmic Orbit Breathe
Harmony - Womb Cycles & Rythm for harmony and flow
Sensuality - Embodied Movement to feel connected and happy in your feminine body 
Releasing - Goddess Water Cleansing Ritual  
Nourishing - Yoni herbal steam rituals to nourish


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