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Inner Child Healing & Heart Restoration with Silfath Pinto

Inner Child Healing & Heart Restoration 

A woman who has healed her heart is a woman in love with life and she is a magnet to her heart desires. The restoration of our inner child is at the center of our capacity to love and shine fully. When we are children, we are exposed to experiences and people that shape our reality. Our subconscious records all those events and create beliefs/stories based on them. Often those beliefs are limiting and anchored in fear which then create a vibrational field that repulses LOVE. 

This journey will focus on restoring the inner child by healing the Mother Wound and the Father Wound:
- your relationship with your father affects your interaction with men and your own masculine energy
- your relationship with your mother affects your interaction with women and your own feminine energy 

During this immersion, you will learn energetic practices to:
- Heal your inner child
- Bring awareness to the patterns, limiting beliefs, fears that are currently driving your life
- Address them in order for you to shift your thinking and doing
- Release toxic ties and feelings of shame, guilt and obligation
- Speak your truth and respect your boundaries
- Practice forgiveness and letting go to find inner peace

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